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A show of thanks to Grow Master

In the aim of sprucing up the place, some observant folks realised that the foyer at Monash Hall could use a bit of TLC. The plastic plant that adorned the inside of the entrance foyer had seen some tough love, so it was evident a replacement was a suitable goal to aim for.

A bit of research was done. We needed to find a suitable indoor plant that was able to stand up to a bit of neglect. Especially given the managerial team is a volunteer one, and given the hall is often hired out for various celebratory occasions.

So with some discussion, a pair of Kentia palms were recommend. In approaching varying nurseries, Craig at Grow Master in Traralgon was more than happy to oblige with the donation of a pair of suitable palms.

The Kentias were quickly re-potted to allow for future growth, and a pair of matching pots were sought to really give the foyer some shine. All in all it was a great little exercise in community building, improvement, and networking.

We offer a big thank you to Grow Master in Traralgon. We appreciate your support. You can visit them along the eastern end of Argyle street. Phone 03 5174 2861.

If you’re interested in hiring the Yallourn North hall facilities, click here for more details.



Pride of place in the foyer


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