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Eagles Nest and the Pirate Caves

Everyone loves a beach from time to time, so it’s no surprise that Yallourn North folk will head down to Inverloch or Cape Patterson on their days off to check out the coast. As part of the Bunurong Coast, the area stumps up wondrous attributes such as Eagles Nest and the Pirate Caves. The former is a visually stunning rocky outcrop which loosely resembles the top half of Australia. And the caves and flat rock of the beach make interesting discovery and offer tales of a time before humans.

Many fossils have been found in the area, and is well known for the discovery of Australia’s first Dinosaur bone. There is a Palaeontological site called Dinosaur Dreaming there, which is definitely worth investigating with the family. For others who like to get wet, Surfing and Kite Surfing are also popular at the beaches. So pack the car and take a trip. It’s a great day out!

Cape Patterson-Inverloch Road

38° 40′ 7.5468” S
145° 40′ 8.0652” E

Travelling Time
1hr 18mins

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