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Hovercraft Club of Victoria

Originally forming in 1970, The Hovercraft Club Of Victoria has been based at Lake Narracan since 2000, which is just a short drive from Yallourn North. The club consists of a group of hovering enthusiasts and represents a wide range of Hovercraft designs. Through its members, the Club has many years experience in the design and construction of small Hovercraft, and so can provide advice on what to do (and what not to do!). The aim of the Club is to develop and promote the safe and friendly use of light Hovercraft for recreation and sport.

The Club holds meetings on the second Wednesday of each month except January at Box Hill, and regularly include videos and guest speakers. Most Rally’s are held on the Sunday following the meeting at various places around Victoria, with usually every second rally being held at lake Narracan.

So get in touch. We’d love to see some new faces interested in our sport. We have over 40 members with varying levels of expertise who can help show you the ropes. See you there!

Phone: 0418 147 233

South Shore Road
Lake Narracan

38° 9′ 44.5176” S
146° 18′ 36.0216” E

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