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There are several key locations for taking in the spectacular views the local area has to offer, all just a short drive from the centre of town. Viewing platforms on Quarry Road as well as Walhalla-Tyers Road offer panoramic views of Yallourn North and surrounding areas. Peterson’s lookout in Tyers park offers undulating views of the natural gorges, and Decampo Drive and Coach Road offer detailed views of the power industry at work.

In saying that, the township itself offers some pretty good views in itself as you travel along our undulating and meandering roadways.

Next time you feel like a drive or are up for a bit of exploring, jump in the car and check out the areas and views around Yallourn North. You won’t be disappointed.


Yallourn North Lookout
Quarry Road
Yallourn North

38° 9′ 20.3436” S
146° 22′ 50.7072” E

Tyers Lookout
Tyers-Walhalla Road

38° 8′ 15.9468” S
146° 28′ 47.4168” E

Petersons Lookout
Tyers-Walhalla Road

38° 7′ 46.4196” S
146° 26′ 24.7992” E

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DeCampo Drive Mine Lookout
DeCampo Drive

38° 11′ 20.6448” S
146° 19′ 53.5008” E

Coach Road Lookout
Coach Road
Haunted Hills

38° 11′ 6.0144” S
146° 19′ 21.5220” E


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