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New path at the Tennis Court Reserve

The Yallourn North Hall and Recreation Reserve Committee has just completed the paving that forms part of the long term plans for the Tennis Court Reserve at the corner of Gooding and Reserve Streets. The path links the north-western corner entry of the Yallourn North Hall and Recreation Reserve, at the recently installed decorative blue fence, and then meanders through to the tennis courts. On the other side, it then connects through to the hall and oval.

The project has been in the planning stages since 2014, whereby an original concept design was shared with the community for consultation via the Community News, town noticeboard, shops, clubs, and Facebook (a copy can be downloaded here in .pdf format – 3.6mb)

The meandering design of the path allows for future addition of extra street furniture such as seating and table setting in a latter stage. It is also designed to allow access for all-abilities, such as wheelchair traffic.

Tennis Court Reserve Proposal - After - Copy

An early concept design of proposed layout and fence.

For those who can recall, the tennis corner area was originally home to the tennis club building. The club became incorporated into Hall and Recreation Reserve when major upgrades to the facility took place. During more recent years with dwindling membership, and after the building was removed, the corner area was in a poor state. And it was clear at the time that this prominent town reserve needed vital attention.


The original area was tired and unkempt.

Work on the pavement began right after the decorative blue fence was installed. The Hall and Recreation Reserve committee quickly secured funding via Latrobe City Council’s annual grants program, with the Hall and Recreation Reserve providing for the remaining shortfall. It then became evident that a new gate frame would be needed on the south side of the tennis courts before concrete work could begin, so this was requested of local fencing contractor Lockwood Fencing.

Once the fence and gate was repaired and upgraded, work promptly began on the concrete side of the project. Within a week concretors were framing up the meandering path, and laying the base and reinforcement mesh. It all began with Simco Excavations and Landscaping removing the excess soil, followed with Latrobe Valley Concrete bringing the concrete for the pour. And then finally with KnK Concretors giving it a fair good screed.


Turning of the sod.

Thanks must be given to Latrobe City Council for their generosity of funding. And thanks must be directed towards the contractors who got the work done. And of course there are many volunteers behind the scenes pulling it all together that get some gratitude also.

With the completion of the path we can finally say “No” to wet socks after all these decades!  Hopefully soon we can look to purchasing the central bench seating, which will allow all and sundry to sit and take respite while enjoying the views of Harmony Hills.












Tennis Court Reserve Proposal 2

Jobs done! Onto the next stage…

Hall and Rec

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