Yallourn North Playgroup

Forming in 1984, Yallourn North Playgroup is an active part in the lives of Yallourn North children. The playgroup runs two sessions to suit the needs of every local family, and they have planned activities catering for children from newborn to preschool age. They also offer morning tea where families bring a piece a fruit each to share, to help encourage healthy lifestyles and diet.

The group holds planned excursions throughout the year to the library, gymnastics centre, indoor sports centre, miniature train, parks, and more. They also liaise with the local community, organising visits to the fire station, kindergarten, and have an annual teddy bears picnic with the Primary School. The playgroup also gets involved with the school’s Winter Market, and they also correspond with Best Start and Good Beginnings. The group also offers incursions such as animal farm visits, reptile visits, Police visits and more.

Yallourn North Playgroup were winners of Playgroup of the Year in 2014, winning a number of prizes including a concert performance, playground, and educational toy vouchers. You can see why they have a fantastic reputation, and why it’s no surprise that some families travel from surrounding areas to attend here in Yallourn North.

Sessions: Mondays and Fridays – 10am-12pm.

For more information contact Lauren

Phone: 0408 129 075

Reserve Street
Yallourn North

38° 9′ 39.7944” S
146° 21′ 43.2144” E

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