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Swimming and Water Sports

Yallourn North has enviable water facilities for Swimming, Water Skiiing, Jet Skiing, and Boating. The outdoor pool is often visited by external residents over their own local facilities because of its country feel and serene surroundings. Halls Bay at Lake Narracan is a hot spot for those wishing to avoid the usual tourist areas, as well as those wanting to get on the boat or jetski. The Tyers pumping station near Wirilda is a popular swimming hole, and compliments other public swimming spots in the Latrobe Valley.

It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, if it is hot (or you want to be daring in the cold!), there is a place to go swimming in Yallourn North. Have a chat with the locals. They just might point you to a hidden spot that few know about.

Latrobe Valley Water Ski Club

Yallourn North Swimming Pool
School Ave Yallourn North

38° 9′ 47.8584” S
146° 21′ 50.7888” E

Latrobe City Council – 1300 367 700

Halls Bay Lake Narracan
Fernlea Road Yallourn North

38° 9′ 56.9088” S
146° 20′ 12.8544” E

Tyers Pumping Station
Wirilda Environment Park

38° 8′ 22.3872” S
146° 26′ 45.7728” E

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