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YNCC Old Road (almost spring) clean-up day

With the motivating drive from a newly crowned Yallourn North Rock Thrower who has been welcomed to the village, the Yallourn North Cricket Club made the call to hit for six some unorthodox rubbish that had been dumped along the ‘Old Road’, by some filthy mullygrubbers over the last century.

The plan was spawned to open the Cricket Season with a big clean up. Then follow through with a nibble and a bite at a BBQ Luncheon, and retire with some fruit salad and a lolly.

After the word was put out, it turns out a lot more than just the twelfth man was equally troubled by the litter droppers past the boundary on the track. Nineteen trundlers from around the block donned the gloves, to field the dropped rubbish and give it a toss for good. Plenty came from the outfield. And all of them were prepared to bend the back. None of them had soft hands that’s for sure!


Down the road, past the gate, and into the abyss… They return pram in hand.

All sorts of stuff was found through the gate, including a pram and a wagon wheel.  And a variety of clothing had also been pitched off side in the dugout, including a brassiere and a lot of dead rubber. But thankfully no Jock Straps were found. Within a flash all the rubbish was piled into a large mound.

There were initial concerns about a rain delay, but all up ended with a good weather spell. After an hour and a half the third umpire made a declaration to draw stumps, and many took a leisurely walk back to the club. Well suffice it to say the cooked food was clean bowled as everybody stopped for drinks.


At the end everyone seemed happy with the all rounder, and thankful for the initiative that was shown to take the leading edge. Everyone agreed the day was a great success. The door gave a good outswing, and everybody head home waving bye.

All up a fantastic effort for their opening Cricket season. Well done guys and gals! If you are interested in being involved with the Yallourn North Cricket Club, check out their facebook page, or send them an email to

For more info and contact details click here


This clean up is… wait for it…. tiring.








A hard earned BBQ. Well done guys and gals.

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